Price Action Course

For those of you wanting to take your learning and understanding of price action to the next level, there is the price action course which is designed to help you learn how to read and trade price action on any time frame in any environment.  If you want to learn advanced price action strategies and high probability setups that work, then you will want to take this course.

Included in the Price Action Course is Life-Time 

Membership, Access to the Traders Forum and Price Action Setups, Video Tutorials, Full Email Support and a Private Follow Up Session.

Here are the Strategies and Topics covered in the course:
How to find Tops and Bottoms
The Advanced PBar Strategy
The 3P HLR Intraday Reversal Setup
Trading OBar Reversal Formations with Quantitative Data
How to Identify Trends
How to Get Into Trends
The 6NT Pullback Setup
The IBar Setup
How to Trade Gaps
BR Trading
The Mid-Stream Breakout
How to Develop a Trading Plan
3-Dimensional Money Management
How to Prepare For Your Trading Day
10 years of Quantitative Data on Price Action
and more…

If you are wanting to learn high probability price action strategies, gain confidence in your trading, and learn how to trade profitably, then the price action course is for you.