price action

Price Action Reversal Setups

Price action provides different reversal setups for traders across all markets. There are several price action reversal setups one can choose from. These include; Head and Shoulders Patterns; Pin Bar Reversals ; Engulfing Bar Reversals Outside Bar Reversals Piercing Patterns…Continue Reading →

What is Price Action?

The most simple definition of price action would be ‘price’s movement over time on any time frame and chart’.  If price moves one tick on a tick chart, that movement is price action.  If price moves 10pips on a daily…Continue Reading →

Inside Bar Trading

An inside bar is an important price action pattern that shows up about 10% of the time, or one in every ten candles from the 30m time frame up to the daily time frame. A simple definition of an inside…Continue Reading →

Price Action Course

For those of you wanting to take your learning and understanding of price action to the next level, there is the price action course which is designed to help you learn how to read and trade price action on any…Continue Reading →